A sweet thank you treat, for all my fans and #teamLilyBlack!

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share with all of you the small surprise I’ve been preparing! Fans of Brenda Novak will recognize these lemon bars–

–because I entered them into her recipe contest, for the holiday giveaway she was doing. And that’s actually how the bars got their name! You see, these lemon bars started out rather humbly, a favorite quick and easy treat in a house full of boys, when my husband was growing up. Later it became a favorite treat for me to share at book clubs and writing groups, but it wasn’t until it was the second place winner in Brenda Novak’s contest that I realized its full potential. Since then I’ve been calling it Literary Lemon Bars, and now I’d like to share it with you!

The special thank you gift I’m sending out is:

One hand-signed thank you note featuring my Literary Lemon Bars recipe (the paper will actually be a lovely gold parchment).
One chocolate miniature ‘book’ of Storm of Attraction.
Two double-sided bookmarks.

The first 40 requestees are sure to get it, after that it will be as energy and supplies last. If you’re already a part of my Facebook page you can message me, but you can also email me and comment to let me know your address and that you’d like to receive this. To participate I am asking that folks either push the word out about Storm of Attraction by sharing my post, etc., or sign up for the newsletter–or buy my book. That will suffice, too. 😉 I can only send to those inside the US, but for those outside (and for anyone who’d like an ecopy) here’s a pdf with the recipe:
Literary Lemon Bars
And many, many thank to #teamLilyBlack for being a part of this special day!

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