Are You a Groundhog Fan?

Despite my total meh towards winter I love Groundhog Day, both the movie and the fact that the festival exists! My world is a better place because we turn to a rodent for our long-term weather predictions.

Of course, if I were to be stuck in a time warp of the same day, repeated, I’d spend my time reading and writing! I love the idea of learning all the cool things Bill Murray does in the movie, too. Ice sculpting in particular!

On the flip side…I am NOT a fan of cold and ice, so maybe I’d better make sure my Groundhog Day time warp is sans blizzard. Walking distance to all my favorite Hilton Head Island spots, and this bakery in particular, sounds perfect!

Where would you go, if you knew you’d be stuck in the same day on repeat? A deserted island? A quiet vineyard in France? Or somewhere right in the middle of hustle and bustle?

The next best thing to going there is probably reading adventures. If you’re the giveaway-entering kind of reader and want to win a kindle and lots of free books, I’ve joined a group who is giving it all away! Follow the link here, and good luck!


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