Are you happy with your luck in life?

Picture a smokey bar, and a guy holding a gun. He points it at you, and asks in a gravelly voice, “Are you feelin’ lucky?”

The world seems fascinated by luck–and I’m no different! When I was a kid I was drawn to good luck charms of every variety, and spent hours searching for four-leaf clovers. Now I settle for lucky cookies.

I find the science behind good and bad luck super intriguing. Here’s an article which discusses what goes into good or back luck–and it can be nudged by our choices and perspective, much more than a purple rabbit’s foot. However, if having a good luck charm makes you feel lucky, that’s okay! Because according to the article, luck is determined to a large extent by how open to good luck and new opportunities a person is. The way we act brings good luck into our lives, or encourages bad luck. Fascinating, don’t you think? And it goes even further, describing how our perceptions of ourselves and others–which go deeper than our conscious choices–can impact our luck. Listen to this quote I pulled out:

People with positive illusions about their significant other are more satisfied, score higher on love and trust, and have fewer problems. In fact, believing in luck might actually make you more fun.

So it turns out…I wasn’t so wrong after all, when I gathered up the neighborhood kids and had a great time hunting for four-leaf clovers! We thought we were being silly, but the moment felt magical anyway, and we sure had a great time.

What’s the funniest, most luck-loving thing you’ve ever done? Tell me in the comments, and while you’re feeling lucky, click through the link here to win one of many cash prizes and from dozens of books–the contest ends at midnight on March 18th, after that…you’re out of luck. 😉

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  1. I showed up to watch a crew race. I had been rowing with the team, but did not have a competition seat in the boat, yet. A rower didn’t show up. I rowed and got to keep my new place on the team.

    • Yes, and so sorry there was a delay there! The contest organizers had a little difficulty getting the names of the winners out to us, which made me fret a bit. You have hopefully received your prize, but let me know if there’s any snag. And thank you for commenting!

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