Falling in love with fall all over again!

Which is your favorite season? I see beauty in them all. Christmas sparkles with warmth and light, and late winter has an austere elegance. Spring is so fresh, with friendly flower faces. Summer brings family trips and beach adventures. But fall…fall sweeps me away, with bright orange pumpkins, crisp blue skies, and glorious autumn leaves!

I will try over the next few months to sprinkle in posts that do NOT have a single pumpkin in them. I will try. 😉 And as part of that promise, my next post (assuming all goes as planned) will regale you with the adventure of our Neuse river canoe trip, complete with capsizing our boat. Because you haven’t really paddled until you’ve bailed out your boat, yes? Look for that in two weeks!

For today, though, I’m savoring the smell of pumpkin muffins and asking for your favorite pumpkin recipes! Lay them on me–I want them all. A person can’t have too many pumpkin recipes, so if I try your recipe and like it, I’ll give you a shout out in my recipe-sharing newsletter this holiday season!

I also wanted to send you over to the Spooktacular mega author giveaway–with a grand prize of $150 in paypal cash! My beautiful book is there, of course, and I’m also giving away a super cute pair of scarecrow earrings.

As you click through the promo pics, you’ll see lots of other super fun fall and Halloween bling, so go forth and win!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who’s written a review–or even thought about leaving a review! I’m thrilled to have nearly 35 Amazon reviews for Storm of Attraction, and am aiming toward 40. Because in the end, hearing from readers is the best reward for writing I could ever have!

Here’s a snippet from my super generous latest review!

Storm Of Attraction’s filled with suspense, mystery, emotion, and romance. A fast paced read, it grabs the reader immediately and does not let go. Lily Black drew the suspense and mystery out; not revealing the stalker’s identity until the last possible moment. What a surprise; I had no idea he was the stalker!

I also loved that this reviewer–Vera–appreciated Drew being a man of principle. The book world enjoys a steamy bad boy…but surely we can spare a little love for the really great guys, who’d never do a girl wrong? That’s my hope, anyway!

I am so thankful for all of your support, and hope you have a lovely beginning to your fall, and stay safe!


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