Happy first of March! Do you have spring fever yet?

I feel so grateful that I live somewhere spring comes early, because for me March should be filled with flowers and energy and renewal! When I was in college, spring fever meant dying my hair or going on a crazy overnight road trip. Now it leaves me twitching to make travel plans and get outside. Or at least read outdoors!

Our spring will probably include a kayaking exploration of a new-to-us island, and later in the year I know we’ll spend a week at the beach. But I’m drooling over travel that’s a little further from home. A tour of London and ancient ruins in England and Ireland sounds lovely! As does a trip to Italy, which we’re hoping will become a concrete reality soon, and I want to visit Israel and Egypt. Then my friend started posting pics from her recent trip to Peru and I remembered that I’ve always wanted to tour the Mayan ruins, too!

The truth is, I rarely meet a destination I don’t want to know better and I’m always a sucker for articles like this one–
20 Places to See Abroad Before You Die

and have a bucket list if the places I want to see that could wrap all the way around my house. What are your favorite places to dream of going? Where have you been that you’d love to go back? Talking travel is the next best thing to living it (and has the benefit of comfort) so I’m all ears! 🙂

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