Have You Hugged a Ninja Lately?

Do you remember my mentioning some hard-working dudes I know–the Book Ninjas? Well, I’m dedicating this post to them because the book ninjas’ Blush-O-Meter catalog now has over 2000 books in it! That’s a LOT of books!

As congrats, I’d like to give them a new pair of heels.

Don’t believe that’s what a ninja would want? Ask this guy!

Yep, somewhere along the way as the ninjas explored the quirks of our English language, they got a bit hung up on certain phrases…and the objects of those phrases. Killer shoes is one of them. Another you’ll see them showing off on the blog is their killer smile, and another is how efficiently a ninja kills time.

No doubt ninjas are naturally drawn to violence in our language, but their excuse is their efforts to put together a Mayhem Meter, which will function just like the Blush-O-Meter except be for violence. I’m excited to see what they can pull together there, and thrilled that the Blush-O-Meter is doing so well!

If you’ve ever read a romance and wished you’d known going in what kind of heat level it had, you should check out the catalog and see what books are waiting for you. The Blush-O-Meter is how I’ve found new authors who’ve since become favorites of mine, and I think it’ll open up new reading loves for you, too! If you want to check it out, you can click through to www.book-ninjas.com. From there you can search by author, genre, blush level, or a combination of them all, to find your new favorite read!

So this is me sending a little love the book ninjas’ way, cause even ninjas need a thank you now and then!

And thank you to all romance, young adult, and women’s fiction readers out there! The Blush-O-Meter is for you, and it makes me tickled-pink happy like a ninja in a new pair of shoes to see you using it. We’re always growing the catalog, so if you have any special requests, leave a comment and we’ll get the ninjas on it!

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