Interested in a self defense workshop or seminar?

So, I’ve decided to do something a little…odd. As a part of the buildup and buzz for Storm of Attraction, I’d like to teach women how to kick some fanny. Because that’s what everyone associates with books, right? lol

Seriously, though, I’ve taught women and girl’s self defense classes before (even taught teen boys once) and it’s something I really believe in. The seminar/workshop includes a lot of talk a lot about prevention and awareness, and manages one’s personal space. After that I demonstrate a couple cool moves including tossing my long-suffering husband (or other male volunteer) over my shoulder as I break out of a bear hug, and then we have a hands on portion where I teach simple breakaways and what I consider the basics of disengaging from a situation you don’t want to be in. I’ve squeezed the seminar into a half hour time slot before, but that’s very condensed. I prefer to have a minimum of one hour, and closer to two is best as that allows for audience questions afterward.

Why am I doing this? For me it’s a way to give back and share the skills I learned both on the way to my black belt and in the training I’ve done since. Here are a few of the martial arts I’ve trained in or dabbled with:

  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Judo
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • Okinawan Karate
  • Bo staff
  • European open-hand combat
  • Quarterstaff
  • Broadswords and short swords

Self defense is something I’m passionate about, and I love to connect through the seminars I teach! If my book gets a little buzz, that’s a nice side benefit, but my focus will always be on the self defense.

A pic of me, just after my black belt test many years ago. The flowers aren't lilies, but they're still gorgeous, don't you think?

A pic of me, just after my black belt test many years ago. The flowers aren’t lilies, but they’re still gorgeous, don’t you think?

I teach the classes one hundred percent free, and since I’m not planning these as a promotional event there won’t be any books for sale. However, pass out some book-cover-wrapped chocolates (because, chocolate) and probably bookmarks. It would be up to the organizers to make sure the space is reserved and that there won’t be an insurance snag with the building/location. I am not insured and do not do this professionally for a living, so if liability is a concern we’d need folks to sign a waiver.

I live in the triangle area of North Carolina, basing out of Raleigh, so that’s where it’ll be easiest to schedule these. However, I am open to travel if my expenses are covered and a large group is interested in my coming to them. Truth be told…I love travel and visiting new places, so lean on that and I might be persuadable. 😉

I’m hoping to schedule 3-5 classes between now and summer, depending on how schedules crunch. For my LDS friends, this is something I’ve done before for youth activities, at Girl’s Camp, for Stake Women’s Day, and as an RS activity.

I’m also happy to teach this seminar as part of a writing group discussion of practical self defense as it could be shown in books, and can discuss/demonstrate some sword fighting and/or other weapons use, such as the staff, if we set something like that up.

Send me an email through if you’d like to put something together, and here’s to books that kick butt! 


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