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The ecopy for Storm of Attraction came available February of 2017–and so many thanks to all who have reviewed already and given my book some love! The paper copy will be releasing soon! Look for updates on that here as I get an exact date! I do know that I’ll be participating in a group signing (with paper books, of course) with nearly a dozen other Red Adept authors in the middle of the day on May 27th, here in Raleigh. More details to come!

Alexa Wolving has just one rule: never give a guy a second chance. That works just fine in the safe life she’s built. In the charming town of Willowdale, her day job as a librarian balances perfectly with her evening job as a black belt instructor. But when she attracts the attention of a stalker, Alexa’s carefully built world begins to crumble.

Drew Cosimo knows he broke Alexa’s heart five years ago when he took his first Ranger assignment and disappeared from her life. Now that he’s out of the army, he’s moving back home to Willowdale. He’s not looking for a fight, but making peace would be easier if Alexa hadn’t told the entire town he was a money-grubbing jerk. Despite the tension between them, Drew is quick to offer his protection when a stalker forces Alexa from her home.

As the stalker’s attacks escalate, Alexa and Drew are forced to face their painful past and the simmering attraction between them. They must fight to save each other before everything they care about goes up in flames.


Praise for Storm of Attraction:

I truly enjoyed this story between Drew and Alexa, whose story really started five years earlier when they had a whirlwind romance before Drew went off for basic training. Throughout the years, his parting comments to her affected both of them and the ramifications would not be known until years later when they came face-to-face once again.

I must admit that I can’t recall reading before going to bed, only to have elements of the story chase me into my dreams and turn into a full-blown nightmare, so much so that I woke up and was afraid to go back to sleep, yet afraid to keep my eyes open. It’s not often books affect me to the point that they interfere with my sleep, but Storm of Attraction surely did.

I enjoyed that the story contained elements of mystery and suspense, yet the violence wasn’t gory. I also appreciated that the romance in the story was relatively clean. I felt the chemistry between these two characters and can’t help but wonder where they go from here. They definitely seem to belong together.
–An Amazon Reviewer

Ms. Black has done a remarkable job of giving second chance love a “chance” to re-kindle that old flame!

–Tome Tender

Although I’m shamefully under-read in contemporary romance, Lily Black’s debut, STORM OF ATTRACTION, has charms not limited to any one genre. Her meticulous scene-setting paints a vivid picture of place and, unforgettably, food (seriously, Black should release recipes with this book), but far more critically this skill creates the atmosphere which is critical to a romantic thriller. Alexa and Drew are the classic former-lovers-turned-to-enemies whose paths collide in the wake of a violent stalker. And though Drew is a former Army Ranger, Alexa is no damsel written solely to provide a plot line for the hero. I spent almost as much time re-reading the martial arts action as the kissing–and I have very little interest in martial arts. Perfect reading for a snowy day. Or a lazy, sunny one.

–Laura Andersen, Romantic Times award-winning author of The Boleyn King

“…this book is first in a new series, which is yay! I highly anticipate the next book…”
–Aure’s Book Blog


The next novel (a companion book) in the Willowdale series will have…

A senator’s daughter.

A wounded warrior.

A love that’s a lost cause…

And the scheming black mailer who will see them destroyed or dead.

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