Lily’s author bio and photo

Lily Black believes in true love, but is also quite sure going after it is the scariest thing we’ll ever do!  She explores this dynamic in her romantic suspense novels, which are set in the small imaginary town of Willowdale, where people dream big, love deeply, and kick butt if necessary.  She has a black belt in Chung Do Kwan Tai Kwon Do, and has also trained in everything from judo to broadswords.  She teaches the occasional women’s self-defense class, and you can find her Seven Life Hacks for Self-Defense (plus one you’ll never use) here. She lives in North […]

My idea for author Olympics, and a .99 SALE!

I think there should be a TV show where authors compete to save their book! Maybe feel around in slimy mud to find it. Or climb like a spider through an obstacle course to where it’s dangling in space! I know one thing I’d be willing to do–walk on thin ice, on a barely frozen lake! I did just that, in pursuit of this pic. In my defense, this is a pretty exciting time for Storm of Attraction! My publisher was able to arrange for a bookbub ad–kind of the holy grail of author-dom–and as a result my pretty book […]

How to do adulting Thanksgiving decor like a boss

My early memories of Thanksgiving include truckloads of cousins and feeling picked on that the grownups got the best food. Later that transitioned to small-time petty pie thievery, once I and my cousins were old enough to sneak in and out of the kitchens. My favorite pie to steal was chocolate mousse!   My other favorites were lemon meringue, and apple. Interesting that pumpkin didn’t make my list back then, but is enough of a favorite now that my family will be dishing up our fourth pumpkin pie of the fall on Thanksgiving day! The one thing that’s always been […]

Have You Hugged a Ninja Lately?

Do you remember my mentioning some hard-working dudes I know–the Book Ninjas? Well, I’m dedicating this post to them because the book ninjas’ Blush-O-Meter catalog now has over 2000 books in it! That’s a LOT of books! As congrats, I’d like to give them a new pair of heels. Don’t believe that’s what a ninja would want? Ask this guy! Yep, somewhere along the way as the ninjas explored the quirks of our English language, they got a bit hung up on certain phrases…and the objects of those phrases. Killer shoes is one of them. Another you’ll see them showing […]

Where do you find your light?

Some days do not live up to the glamorous author life I signed up for. As I type, my area is under tornado watch, and a small tree just fell on the back fence. I also just came through a power outage, which meant tossing a ton of useful fridge stuff. But you know what? Days like this also include writing by candlelight. In our study I keep a gorgeous wooden trunk carved with elephants, and it’s brim-full of candles. When the power goes out, the days are gray, or life throws too much karma-building at me to swallow in […]

Canoeing on the Neuse, and a Talent for Misprediction

Standing in a swiftly moving river with water up to my waist, one hand gripping the fallen tree that capsized us and the other clinging to my canoe to keep it from being swept downstream, I learned something important about myself. I’m always wrong about the things I dread. Let me back up a bit from that capsized moment, so y’all won’t think I’m crazy. 😉 If I’ve got something on the To Do list I’m sure will be a mother-bear to do, or there’s an event on the calender that’s keeping me up at night with dreaded anticipation, what […]

Falling in love with fall all over again!

Which is your favorite season? I see beauty in them all. Christmas sparkles with warmth and light, and late winter has an austere elegance. Spring is so fresh, with friendly flower faces. Summer brings family trips and beach adventures. But fall…fall sweeps me away, with bright orange pumpkins, crisp blue skies, and glorious autumn leaves! I will try over the next few months to sprinkle in posts that do NOT have a single pumpkin in them. I will try. 😉 And as part of that promise, my next post (assuming all goes as planned) will regale you with the adventure […]

Happy News! Announcing seven (7!) flash fiction workshops!

I am so thrilled to announce that I’ll be pairing with Wake County Libraries to teach a series of flash fiction workshops! All seven classes will be taught in November–so perfect for anyone who wants some NaNoWriMo inspiration–with one at each of the county’s regional libraries. Here’s a little graphic with the dates, times and locations, so if you’re in the area you can come and say hi. I will be available to chat, afterward, and will have books for sale to sign! Being given the opportunity to do this has me so excited! For one, I love libraries and […]

Do you love the very thing that burns you?

I am a pyro–no doubt about it. As a kid I surreptitiously experimented with bonfires to see what would or wouldn’t burn, and lost my eyebrows as a result! Now one of my few favorite things about winter is the chance to keep a fire going, and I use candles in all of my decorating. Life is more interesting with a flame close by, wouldn’t you agree? Of course, I did learn something from the many small burns and blisters of my youth. I’ll also never forget the awful smell of my own singed hair, on those times when my […]

Willowdale: A town so cute you could eat it

I adore my fictional town of Willowdale, so you all will be getting the occasional post about the inspiration behind it. Also posts on the ‘research’ I do–hitting festivals, treat shops, and quirky spots–so I can make Willowdale the most amazing small-town destination ever conceived. But just in case this kind of peek behind the scenes isn’t your thing, not to worry! I brought treats and a recipe to bribe you with. No idea why my kitchen counter is showing up pink in this pic, but the important bit is the chocolate brownie fudgesicle! When I was writing Storm of […]

Staggering along with my hands in the air

Do you ever wonder how wise you really are? I’ve wondered that a lot of late. I was expecting my son back from his two year mission in Korea, at the end of April. To make sure I’d have all the time in the world to settle him in, I pushed through and on the morning of the same day we picked him up, I finished the first draft of my second Willowdale book. *throws giant armfuls of confetti* Except…between my deadline and our son’s return, I slipped on helping my teen daughter manage her care. She has a connective tissue […]