My idea for author Olympics, and a .99 SALE!

I think there should be a TV show where authors compete to save their book! Maybe feel around in slimy mud to find it. Or climb like a spider through an obstacle course to where it’s dangling in space!

I know one thing I’d be willing to do–walk on thin ice, on a barely frozen lake! I did just that, in pursuit of this pic.

In my defense, this is a pretty exciting time for Storm of Attraction! My publisher was able to arrange for a bookbub ad–kind of the holy grail of author-dom–and as a result my pretty book has gone on a 99 cent sale for three days, as it’s wined and dined across the internet! Under those circumstances, getting a pretty pic of my book set against the snow felt like finding just the right dress for a red carpet event. Definitely worth risking an ice-cold dunking! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up your copy–or maybe a copy for a friend–you should swing by Amazon and do that while it’s on sale, and dressed up pretty. 😉

Exciting sale event aside, I think I may be on to something with this author extreme sport idea. I would totally sign up to participate in something like that–perhaps at a reader convention, like Romantic Times–and I’ll bet other authors would, too. If nothing else, they’d end up with a super cool story, right?

In my case, I’d just learned this sale would be happening, and so was determined to get pics of my beautiful book baby set again the snow. We’re far enough south we get snow maybe once a year, and I’ve never seen the lake freeze solid! So my family and I made an excursion out of it, and while they tried to pretend they weren’t freezing, I balanced my book on a wobbly little book stand on the railing of the boardwalk…and shrieked when the inevitable happened and a strong gust of wind blew it off onto the ice!

Of course I went after it. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered the ice was thinner than it looked. I didn’t fall in, but I had to make a hasty retreat when it started to crack–and I might not have turned back in time if it weren’t for my college-age son offering to hang from the railing and get my book back!

It was astonishing to me just how protective I felt of my book! Logically I knew that I had a dozen more just like it at home. And as an author, my copies come pretty inexpensive, anyway. But my instinct to dive in and rescue my book had nothing to do with logic! I’m curious what I would be willing to do, and how much risk I would take. It would be fun to explore, alongside fellow authors who feel the same!

Maybe the prize could be some book photography. Because the only thing better than having a very-own-written-by-me book, is having pretty pics with it.

Tell me what you think of my idea, and what kinds of things you’d enjoy seeing authors do! Even better if you have ideas I could pitch, for an actual author event at Romantic Times Convention, of the kind that would be fun…but not so dangerous they wouldn’t allow it. And as always, thank you so much for stopping by, and hanging out with me here on the blog!


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