Serendipity, aka when life gives you a little extra love

This February 15th my sweet forever-love and I will celebrate 21 years of marriage. And two days before–so the dates perfectly sandwich Valentine’s Day–my first romantic suspense will come out.

I just…I hardly know how to process how perfect that is. My characters are flawed, sometimes deeply so, but they don’t have anything on the work I had before me on entering marriage. I was terrified, to be honest, and only willing to go forward because I truly loved my husband and believed deeply that my life and his would be better if we did it together. I’m so grateful that’s proven true, and so grateful I can share through my books some of the hope, love, grit, and determination that got us here.

Let the countdown begin, my friends!

PS Why yes, I do see my book as taking the world by storm in a literal shower of books. 😉


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