Looking for the Blush-O-Meter?

When I was first getting into romance (possibly a decade ago) one of the things I wished was that I had a way to know better what kind of story this was. Sweet? Sizzling hot? When it comes to romance I like to choose my book to fit my mood, and sometimes the book was totally not what I expected. Plus, there can be triggers, and language that doesn’t work for me…especially when it comes to a book I associate with happily ever afters!

After listening to me moan about this, my sweet hubby put his mad technical skills to work and devised a way to apply tech-minion ninjas to the problem. The result was the blush-o-meter! I like to think of it as letting the Book Ninjas blush, so you don’t have to. 😉

We’ve spent the last couple years fine-tuning the process, because ninja training doesn’t happen overnight! We’re pretty pleased with the results, and now have over 2000 (note we’ve added a zero to our earlier number!!!) books in the catalog, each with their own blush rating. We add more books to the catalog on a daily basis, and love hearing back from readers who’ve discovered the ninja-magic of what the Blush-O-Meter can do for them!

If you’d like to search the catalog for books sorted by genre and blush level, or suggest books by your favorite authors, follow the link here:

Book Ninja’s Blush-O-Meter

I hope you enjoy, and the book ninjas thank you for stopping by!