Two ways to win and survive doing it

Are you all tired of me thanking you yet? I hope not, because the gratitude I feel as the positive reviews for Storm of Attraction roll in hasn’t dimmed in the least! I have the best friends and fans of any author anywhere, and I’m so grateful that my book baby has gotten the reception it has!

As a demonstration of that I have a couple giveaways to share with you!

The link for the Luck O’ The Reader giveaway is here. It has a grand prize of $100 plus oodles of lovely books and other chances to win gift cards and goodies. You can see my book up there in the top row, but here’s my particular giveaway.

Isn’t it pretty? I can’t tell you how much fun I had on Canva, playing with the various images and sprinkling clovers around. I’m offering an ecopy of Storm of Attraction, and a five dollar Amazon gift card. It’s all so much fun, and I can’t wait to see who will win it!

In addition to the Luck O’ The Reader giveaway, I have two posts for you–and another giveaway! This one you’ll find on the Just Romantic Suspense blog, and you need to hop on it as soon as the post goes up tomorrow because the giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight, Feb. 22nd! Go here to read my excerpt from Storm of Attraction and enter to win your ecopy.

Last but not least, I shared Seven Life Hacks for Self Defense, Plus One You’ll Never Use and that’s live today on the Mystery Thriller Week site–link is here. As you all know, I enjoy teaching self defense seminars, so it was fun to see how much of the seminar could be condensed down and put into a post. I’m pleased with the result, and hope you’ll find it useful!

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