What are the songs your heart sings?

Me, I’ve got both Les Miserable’s “One Day More” running through my head, and also the pop song with the chorus ‘tonight’s gonna be a good, good night’ stuck in there. Personally, I much prefer One Day More, but I’m excited that tonight after midnight my book will start popping up on people’s kindles as the first new hour of Feb 13th sweeps across the nation. An author’s dream come true, for sure!

It’s been a fun countdown, and I’m in love with my chocolate numbers.




And my Go will head out into the twitter and facebook sphere tomorrow morning! You’re getting a sneak peak. 😉

The best part is, I can feel in my gut that it is gonna be a great, great day! I’m so grateful I can share it with all of you, and want to invite everyone within the reach of my post to stop by my Lily Black Facebook page on Monday the 13th to pick up a sweet treat and thank you, from me. Keeping it a surprise is kinda killing me, but not long now! I’ll post a pic here as well of what I’m sharing, with all the details to claim it!

If you’re coming across this post late in the day on Sunday the 12th and want to go pick up your copy, the link is here. Make sure it’s at the launch day sale price, and thank you all soo much for your support!


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