Where do you find your light?

Some days do not live up to the glamorous author life I signed up for. As I type, my area is under tornado watch, and a small tree just fell on the back fence. I also just came through a power outage, which meant tossing a ton of useful fridge stuff.

But you know what? Days like this also include writing by candlelight.

In our study I keep a gorgeous wooden trunk carved with elephants, and it’s brim-full of candles. When the power goes out, the days are gray, or life throws too much karma-building at me to swallow in one gulp, I pull out the candles. Since I’m kind of a hoarder, I often discover some while I’m at it. Like these adorable little ghosts that were tucked under a big bag of tea lights! I’d forgotten I had them. How cool is it that I discovered them just before Halloween, instead of just after?

For me, a candle is a flickering little friend. A small spot of glowing warmth, no matter how dark my world. They also remind me of hope, as they do for many people of the world. I personally am a believer that while each of us may feel weak, rather like a candle too easily snuffed out, we should never forget that when we hold out our joy in life we shed light on all around us.

Here’s hoping you have light and joy and hope in all you struggle with!

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